Street Photography - Part 1 // Indianapolis, Indiana

Yellow Poncho

I shot the above image from my hip almost out of instinct. The kid in the bus stop with the yellow poncho caught my eye.

When I viewed the image on my computer screen, I quickly realized there was something else happening in the frame. Something magical. The fellow with the water bottle hanging out of his mouth. I love how the mundane can become extraordinary if the timing is right.

If the composition only included the yellow poncho kid OR the water bottle dude, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting (to me). Put those two elements together and you have a special moment.

My main goal as of late is to photograph the mundane in an non-mundane way. Or at least make images with some sort of gesture (i.e. Jay Maisel). Images with quirks and personality capture my attention more than they ever have. There are interesting, awkward, odd moments happening all around us. In summary, make images of things that excite YOU and scratch YOUR itch, not others. Here are some recent images that scratch my itch :) Enjoy!

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