Persimmon Festival - Mitchell, Indiana

Accidentally happened across the 70th Annual Persimmon Festival this year. I was driving through Mitchell, IN after shooting landscape images at Spring Mill State Park for a local health institution and noticed all the traffic and people. I grabbed my Nikon D810 with my newly purchased Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART lens and walked around for an hour. 

This type of shooting doesn't drain my energy, but rather serves as a source of energy. I love capturing the mundane. The small town. I suppose it helps that I'm from a small town (Springville, IN) so I feel a certain connection to the lifestyle. 

Mini-ferris wheel 

Adults playing Bully Bash

Grilling sirloins for sandwiches

'murica folks

Dramatic ending :)

Cautious stares

Queued up

Thug life

Emoji shirt

Taking a break from grilling

Even prosthetic legs need a break
Hammer time
"You just made a bullzeye, kid!"

Mohawk style

Zipper (aka vomit factory)


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