Central European Road Trip 2017: Day 2 of 13

5.5.2017 is the day we logged approximately 12.5 miles on foot. It's the most we walked in one day during our whole trip! I hit the streets earlier than everyone else because I had to pick up a mobile hotspot at DHL. Btw, a mobile wifi hotspot (or mifi) is super handy and more convenient than trying to purchase SIM cards to work in a variety of countries. I took a couple detours to see what was happening in the city. 

When I returned from my morning excursion we left the apartment (the red pin on the embedded map below) and started walking with no clear goal for the day. St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle was about the only point of interest on our agenda.

We crossed the bridge to the north of us and climbed more steps than we ever wanted to :) At the top we were rewarded with panoramic views of Prague 1. The weather was a little crummy, but it wasn't raining so win for us!

St. Vitus Cathedral is visible from most of Prague. It's one of the highest landmarks in the area. As you start getting closer to cathedral you understand why it's so dominant in the Prague skyline. The place is HUGE!!! And it's so dark and gothic. Beautiful. One feels very small in its presence.

After touring St. Vitus we walked the grounds of Prague Castle. Some cool little areas and such.

I was about 15 minutes from getting "hangry" so we decided to grab some grub. There was a lovely spot on the grounds of Castle Prague with a terrace that overlooked a portion of Prague. Apple strudel anyone? This particular apple strudel ended up being #2 on our list of favorites. Coincidentally it was our 2nd piece of apple strudel since landing in Europe.

I think this Starbucks Coffee takes the prize for having the best location. Wow! What a view!

Petřín Lookout Tower is a mini-Eiffel tower looking structure that stands high up on a hill on the outskirts of Prague 1. It was fabricated for the 1891 world fair. Because of its distance from our apartment we would have never tried to reach by foot, but since we kept wandering the streets we eventually found ourselves too close NOT to visit :) Amy was thrilled... not. The views were spectacular to say the least. Our apartment was located in the upper right quadrant of the image below.

Steep hills anyone? Terri, Mike, and I were poking fun at Amy for how she was navigating the steep decline :)

Thankfully we didn't need the assistance of the U.S. Embassy during our stay.

Prague is often called "the city of one hundred spires." The image below shows a small number of those spires. Magnificant!

The image below shows one of my favorite views of Prague. The Charles Bridge with St. Vitus Cathedral looming on the hill.

One of the most authentic hats we ever saw on our vacation!


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