Central European Road Trip 2017: Day 4 of 13

On the 4th day we departed Prague and headed south into Austria. Salzburg, Austria to be precise. It is a long stretch of road between these two cities so we added a couple stops to break up the monotony of the road.

We crossed a cool bridge and took a closer look on foot. It was a couple hundred feet above a large river.

First stop was the picturesque Zvikov Castle on a little slice of land where two large rivers come together. Check out the link! Isn't it gorgeous???? This was one of the most historic castles of our entire road trip. So cool.

We hopped back in the car and drove a couple hours down into the Bavarian Alps towards one of the most beautiful towns in the world, Hallstatt, Austria. We knew much beauty awaited us in Hallstatt, but we had to stop and take in the scenery once we entered the Alps.

Driving into Hallstatt it was rainy and getting late in the evening. I had a vantage point in mind and wanted to have a chance to make some images before the sky went completely dark. The little town of Hallstatt shuts down around 6pm so pretty much everything was closed as we walked through town to get to the lookout point.

This is the image I wanted to capture :) Me likes it.

The town is built into the side of the mountains. Here's an example of the sidewalks that wind up behind some of the houses. Crazy stuff!


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