Yes, I am in fact blogging about the construction of a BLT sandwich. Amy and I fixed BLTs after church on Sunday and I was documenting the whole process on camera. It's not the most complex sandwich to say the least, but don't let its simplicity fool you.

"Why are you blogging about a BLT sandwich?" asks the reader. 

"Because I have a new camera and random things are exponentially more fun to photography!" says Stephen.

"But why wasn't a BLT interesting before your newly acquired camera?" poses the reader.

"Quit asking questions." says the halfway perturbed Stephen.

Make sense now? Good. 

Step 1: Cook 'B'

Be sure and have 911 ready to dial. Skin grafts aren't uncommon after cooking a package of bacon.
After several skin scorching grease pops (pretty sure I have 3rd degree burns) I was rewarded with a plate of mouth-watering bacon. You aren't cooking it right if it isn't painful. 
Step 2: Prepare 'LT'
Our head of lettuce was looking pretty sorry, but after stripping most of the outer layers off we found some edible innards. The sight of juicy, ripe tomatoes would have had no effect on me several years ago, but Amy has since knocked some sense in me. It is not within the scope of this blog to dissect the complex paradigm surrounding the Mayo vs. Miracle Whip debate. Let's just say that there are normal people on both sides of the debate. Well, that's debatable...
Step 3: Prepare The Invisible 'T'
The invisible 'T' is for toast, which for some reason didn't make the name of the sandwich. That's right folks - good ol' fashion white bread. 
Step 4: Apply Dressing 
No BLT is complete without a healthy application of Mayo.
Step 5: Assemble Final Product
Random Fact: Did you know that Ruffles have ridges? Now you do.
That's all folks. Thanks for stopping by and spending a few mindless moments reading/looking around. 


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